Rolaco Automotive & Heavy Equipment Fleet Delivery

Date: 08/03/2018

Rolaco Automotive & Heavy Equipment Company has had a solid 2017. They have sold more trucks than any of the past 3 years and have improved their efforts in collections as well.In addition to the high 2017 sales overall, the team also had one of the highest Quarter sales in Q4 2017. They sold over 100 trucks to a number of new and recurring customers. These included Saraya Al Jazirah, Averda,  Al Fahhad, Bayt Al Arab, and Tania. They also improved the number of Eicher buses sold significantly in 2017 and delivered better quality units that helped get repeat customers. In Q4 2017 they sold more than 40 buses. Customers included Yuksel, Bawani, and Hanco Rent a carRolaco Automotive & Heavy Equipment’s focus on customer needs and market relationships is helping increase the Company’s market share and customer base. This will help us in the future to grow our aftersales as well.