UD Truck Launched “Croner” in the Middle East

Date: 05/11/2017

After the successful launch of the UD Truck Heavy Duty Truck called “Quester” back in 2016 in Jeddah and Riyadh UD Truck launched a new class of truck in the Middle East, East and North Africa in May 2017. The Launch took place in Dubai and it was successful customer event Rolaco flew some of it’s Major Customers to attend the event. The event included a test drive and Few demo trucks given to potential customers. The new Truck is called the “Croner”, is a medium duty truck that can handle loads between 6 & 16 tons. This truck range is a major needed segment in the Saudi Market. UD stopped manufacturing Medium Duty Truck for the Middle East for a while, the new truck replaces an old UD Truck Named “Legacy” which was known well in the Kingdom for reliability and versatility. With the launch of the Croner truck, we can now target more customers and deliver more value to them and their businesses. The new truck is highly efficient and can be easily customized for all Transport applications in its range. It also has a low cost/KM compared to similar trucks in the market.Customers of this class of truck include Municipalities for cleaning projects, land transporters, and distributors.Due to the launch of this truck, we anticipate that we will increase our sales and market share.