New Joint Venture with HUNE Rental S.L.

Date: 16/07/2014

Rolaco Trading & Contracting is pleased to announce the formation of its new joint venture company with HUNE Rental S.L. The company is called HUNE Specialized International Company L.L.C - HUNESICO


Rolaco Trading and Contracting, a leading and trusted name in the Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA., and HUNE Rental, a leading Spanish based Company that deals with short, medium and long term rental of machinery and lifting platforms,  announces the establishment of their new joint venture. This strategic alliance will see the two companies sharing their valuable expertise and resources in order to pursue a well-established service company.


Rolaco Trading & Contracting has been a trusted name in the automotive industry for over 30 years, they deal with heavy equipments, trucks, material handling and concrete machineries. Their relationship grows with their customers every day as they provide excellent selling, leasing and after sales services.


HUNE Rental S.L. deals with short, medium and long term rental of machinery and lifting platforms. Various companies of different sector hire  their services as. They  offer a wide range of machinery with more than twenty-three thousand units, of which ten thousand is larger machines. With a broad operational structure covering all of Spain, France and Portugal, HUNE has a wide range of experience in the field. Both companies have a strong reputation in the business, ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their products and services.