Eicher Motors New Bus Release

Date: 16/09/2018

Eicher Motors is a 50-50 Joint Venture company between VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) and Volvo Group (Volvo). Rolaco Automotive & Heavy Equipment has been the exclusive distributor for Eicher Motoers since 2010.This year Eicher released a new Bus called Skyline 20.15. The new bus was designed keeping customers in mind in terms of design, comfort, safety, efficiency, and reliability.  The Bus has 62 passenger seats, ABS, tubeless tires, tinted glass, aerodynamic design, and elegant interiors. The bus is also powered with 180 HP engine, with an optimized drive-line and clutch boosters ensuring a comfortable drive, low cost of operation and low maintenance.The new Bus offers ideal transportation solutions to the Staff/Labor segment for Construction, transport, cleaning and manufacturing companies. RA&HE is working hard on promoting the new bus and introducing it to customers.